Parkdale Creek Crossing

Client: Westhills Land Corp.
Completion Date: 2011 Q3

Parkdale Creek is a beautiful natural watercourse that runs through the Westhills development. To enable development to take place on the southern half of the proposed community a new collector road was required to cross this sensitive creek. On Point was tasked with the overall design and project management of this work. The scope included seeking the various City and environmental approvals with the assistance of a registered biologist. Due to the alignment and particular sensitivities of the creek, unique design solutions were required for the crossing structure and embankment walls. The end result being a 12m span steel multi-plate arch with eccentrically loaded concrete footings, and a Deltlok fabric reinforced earth embankment of variable height to a maximum of 8m. All was done under the coordination and management of On point, with various testimonials provided for the final project.


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